Roger Anderson Obituary, Idaho, (2024), Man Died Of A Major Stroke – Death Notice

Death: Roger Anderson Obituary – For those who are unaware, Jason Anderson’s father, Who was a native of Idaho, Roger Anderson passed away on Saturday night after suffering a severe stroke. His loved ones were by his side as he passed away in the hospital. Imagine ourselves there, taking his hand and serenading him with the songs he taught us as children. Under the cover of darkness, he lulled me back to sleep. Our children showed up at various points and sang along with us as we revisited the songs we had previously performed for them.

The past few days have been challenging, but I’ve managed to spend a lot of time chatting with our family members, including his brother Andy Anderson and our sisters and brothers. There have been many exchanges of stories, images, laughter, and tears. While he was here for eight months, we created countless memories. Together, we embarked on a journey that would span the entire nation. With his truck decked out, we set out for Maine on July 15th. New Salem, North Dakota, his hometown, was the initial destination.

He was going to visit his brother Andy in South Dakota next. During our stay, we also visited his hometown. Following that, we continued our journey and returned to Maine on July 20th, having witnessed Niagara Falls and all five Great Lakes. Being able to take him to our annual family tradition—a visit to Santa’s Village and the lake house—was a huge blessing. While en route to Santa’s Village, we paused at the Appalachian Trail’s beginning for a photo op. Hiking is something he and Colleen have always desired to do.

Finally, after 23 years apart, we were able to share in each other’s holiday and birthday celebrations. Words fail to express how grateful we are for that. It was also a huge blessing that he could attend Abel’s soccer and basketball games. While he’s bundled up, he can enjoy cookouts, trips to the Clambake, lobster day at the lakehouse, rummy card games with the lads, nights spent in the garage, and, in the winter, he can watch him play baseball with Abel after school from the back window. Good day, we shall miss him greatly… what is it? It’s canine. Please feel free to post any memories or photos of Dad in the comments area. A meeting with them would be fantastic.

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