Des Kinsella Obituary, A Former Chairman At Burghfield Football Club Dies – Death Notice

Death: Des Kinsella Obituary –A profound sense of sorrow has been brought upon us as a result of the passing of Des Kinsella, who had previously held the position of Chairman. Every single person at the Club is keeping his family and friends in their thoughts and prayers during this extremely struggling time. They are in our thoughts and prayers at this time. Des Kinsella, a prominent figure who had previously served as Chairman, has passed away, and it is with a great deal of sadness that we, as a community, say our goodbyes to him.

He made a significant contribution to the organization. Because of his untimely passing, we have been left with a void in our hearts that cannot be filled, and his family, friends, and coworkers have been overcome with an overwhelming sense of grief after his passing. We are all deeply saddened by his passing. The journey that Des Kinsella took with the Club was nothing short of remarkable. It was an experience that he will never forget. Des, who has been a devoted member of the club, joined our team during the 2005–2006 season and took on the role of coach for our U6s.

It was during this time that Des became a member of our program. During the entirety of his time with the club, he remained with this age group, and he was able to observe their progression all the way up to the U18 level. A few of the individuals who are a part of this squad are still active participants in the men’s teams at the contemporary level. Des served as the head coach of the team that triumphed in the U18 Division 6 league championship competition during the 2016–2017 soccer season. During that time period, the team was still competing at the U17 level of competition.

Des was the Chairman of the club for a period of five years, beginning in 2006 and ending in 2011, before he resigned prior to the 2011 season. During that time, he was actively involved in the club’s operations. During this trying time, we would like to offer our deepest condolences to Des’s family and friends. We are truly sorry for your loss. Every decision he made, every action he took, and every vision he brought to life were all clear indications of his dedication and commitment to the organization.

This was due to the fact that he was unwavering in his dedication and commitment to the organization. He was a glowing illustration of leadership, leading by example and cultivating an environment that was conducive to unity, growth, and success. He was a shining example of leadership. He was a shining example of encouragement. As a result of his leadership, the Club was able to achieve a number of significant milestones and accomplishments that will be etched in its history for all time. These achievements will be remembered without question.

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