Fawneile Jackson Obituary Robinson, IL, (1947 – 2024) – Death Notice

Death: Fawneile Jackson Obituary –¬†Richland Nursing and Rehab in Olney, Illinois was the location where Fawneile Jackson, who was 77 years old and from Robinson, Illinois, passed away on March 31, 2024. Robinson, Illinois was the place where she was born on August 13, 1946, and her life journey was one that was filled with happiness, dedication, and an unflinching sense of compassion. Born and raised in West Union, Illinois, she made a name for herself in the community thanks to her kind attitude and her persistent work ethic.

During the course of her career, she worked in a variety of positions, including those at Hooks Drug Store in Robinson, Earl’s Supper Club in West Union, and eventually as a secretary for a loan officer at Crawford County State Bank. In the course of her professional career, Fawneile reached the pinnacle of her accounts payable career at Maco Management, where she retired after a number of years of dedicated work. Fawneile’s passions, which extended beyond her professional endeavors, were not only varied but also deeply in her heart.

She was an artist, and although she enjoyed painting, her preferred medium was yarn through which she created crocheted masterpieces that warmed both the bodies and the hearts of those who viewed them. Her hands were always busy, whether she was instructing her grandchildren in crochet and cross-stitching or indulging in her unexpected favorite pleasure, which was plucking weeds beneath the scorching gaze of the sun (much to the sorrow of her family). Rather than being merely a chore, this activity served as her sanctuary, providing her with a shelter from the stress and turmoil of everyday life.

In spite of this, she retained the spirit of a kid throughout her entire life, as demonstrated by the fact that she frequently went outdoors in her swimsuit to play with her grandchildren in the rain and mud. To appreciate moments of joy, to rise above the opinions of others, and to embrace the humorous side of life were the lessons that she imparted to them which were both straightforward and profound. On the other hand, arguably the most important thing she imparted to her family was the significance of living a selfless life.

After all, Fawneile’s heart was a safe haven, always ready to welcome those who were in need of solace or a home-cooked meal, even if she had limited resources to do either of these things. The delicacies that she prepared, such as chicken pot pie and handmade noodles, became treasured family heirlooms that nourished both the body and the soul. Her culinary skills were renowned. Her grandchildren spent every weekend to their grandmother’s house, which was a haven of love and joy, so it is not surprising that they did so. As we remember Fawneile Jackson, let us continue to embrace each day with the same carefree joy and unconditional love that she embodied throughout her 77 years with us. Let us carry forth that same generous heart. Her existence was a lesson in how to live a meaningful life, and her legacy will continue to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for all those who had the good fortune to bask in her luminous presence.


Her children, Steve Freeman and Nikki and Eddie Guyer, as well as her cherished grandchildren, Sierra Freeman, TJ and Elicya Freeman, Sienna Freeman, Ashley Attaway, Adam and Carmen Alspach, Blayze Guyer, and Destiny Guyer and Chyanne Howell, as well as her cherished great-grandchildren, Patience Attaway, Bryson Alspach, Mallory Alspach, and Oliver Howell, will always remember her with affection. Her “bonus grandkids,” Harper Callahan, Colton Hites, and Kelsey Hites, as well as her loving sister, Jeanette Culp, as well as a large number of nieces and nephews who were also blessed by her caring presence, carry on Fawneile’s joyful legacy from generation to generation. Her parents, Max and Gale Ellis, her daughter, Angie Brock, her granddaughter, Madison Brock, her siblings, Tuffy Ellis and Jeanenne Ellis, and her previous husband and close friend, John R. Jackson, all passed away before her. She was the last surviving female member of her immediate family.

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