YMCA Shooting Greenville, Officers Investigating

YMCA Shooting Greenville – An investigation into a shooting that took place on Monday evening and resulted in the wounding of one person is now being carried out, according to a statement released by the City of Greenville Police Department. The police officers reported that they responded to the location after receiving allegations that someone had been shot in the parking lot of a YMCA that was located close to Cleveland Street.

In accordance with the statements made by the cops, the individual was apparently transported to the hospital along with injuries. There is, however, no information available regarding their current situation. It has been confirmed by the officers that they are continuing their hunt for the person who is accountable for the incident. We ask that you remain here with us while we continue to pursue our education.

Related Article : After reports of gunfire were received at a YMCA in the Upstate region that is situated in close proximity to an elementary school, Greenville County deputies stated that there were indications of a shooting that were left in a property that was placed nearby.

WYFF News 4 received calls about a drive-by gunshot that took place close to the playground at Hollis Elementary School, which is situated at 200 Goodrich Street. The incident was reported to have taken place. At 200 Goodrich, which Lieutenant Ryan Flood of the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office described as a YMCA parking lot rather than Hollis Elementary School, bullets were fired.

Hollis Elementary School was not the target of the confrontation. It was approximately 4:30 p.m. when deputy sheriffs arrived at the site, as stated by Lieutenant Flood. In spite of the fact that the two facilities are situated in close proximity to one another, Google Maps indicates that the YMCA can be found at the address 2 8th Street.

According to Flood, there were no injuries sustained by anyone during the shootings. Furthermore, he mentioned that a house in the vicinity was hit by gunfire. This was further evidence of the incident. When the bullets were fired, the children who were participating in the after-school and preschool programs at the YMCA were inside the facility, according to a spokesman for the organization.

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