Sally Owens Obituary (2024), A Life Lived With Passion And Purpose – Death Notice

Death: Sally Owens Obituary –¬†According to what we know as of yesterday evening, Sally Owens, the beloved cousin of Patrick R. Cleary, died away at the age of 89 yesterday evening. A fall that caused brain trauma led to complications that ultimately proved fatal. We are grateful that Jerry Owens and Theresa TC Goodwin-Carr, who were among those who contacted us to inform us of the news, have been there to comfort her. The presence of her loved ones has alleviated her pain. Patrick cousin Richard Cleary, along with several of her children and their families, had the privilege of meeting her for the first time on July 3rd and 4th of last year at a restaurant near her York, Pennsylvania, property.

There were eight children born to her during her marriage to Norman, who died not long ago. She was the one who raised them all together, so naturally she was also very intelligent, funny, and kind. We are profoundly grateful for the opportunity to hear stories about our illustrious Irish great aunts, her grandfather, Patrick great-grandfather, and “Grandpop” John Cleary. John Somers, an Irish butler residing in Pittsburgh and employed on a substantial residence, and Anna Cleary, granddaughter of Patrick R. Cleary’s grandpa John, gave birth to her on June 15, 1934. John Somers was her father and Anna Cleary her mother. Her mother was given the name Anna Cleary.

It is highly probable that my great-grandfather John Cleary and my grandmother Sarah were able to establish contact with each other through the Cleary Employment Bureau. Around the time Sally was eighteen years old, her father died. When Gidget Schrott’s father passed away, she was just a little girl. When Sally was about eighteen years old, her father died. Norman Owens, who was serving in the military at the time of Sally’s marriage, proposed shortly after, and the happy pair immediately set out on a globe tour. After returning to Pittsburgh in the 1960s or so, they relocated to York, Pennsylvania, where Norman found employment following his retirement.

And she stayed there for the most part of her life, even though she wanted to travel. Evidence of this can be found in the photographs she captured during her journey to Ireland. According to what Theresa told us, she has been enjoying life to the utmost while traveling the nation for the past several months. It seems like she has been living it up to the fullest. In honor of our beloved Sally, we propose we all raise a glass in her honor and say a prayer that she finds eternal rest with our Lord and Cleary forefathers.

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