Jim Greiner Obituary, Ohio, (2024) – Death Notice And Visitation

Death: Jim Greiner Obituary – Jim Greiner, a dear friend and lifelong member of the GOCC, passed away after a valiant fight against a chronic disease. The GOCC mourns his departure with a great deal of dismay.
No one was more helpful to me than Jim was over the course of my first year as President and during my time as editor of the publication. Without Jim’s assistance, our old website would not have been able to endure. He worked tirelessly to rebuild it on the back end for us, utilizing his extraordinary knowledge of a challenging and antiquated infrastructure.

Through the efforts of his team, we were able to maintain operations until we were ultimately able to update. The patience that he shown with each and every one of us, as well as the effort that he put out for a club that he cherished deeply, was unparalleled. In addition to that, Jim was a fantastic human being, a wonderful guy, and a friend who was absolutely devoted.

Take a moment this summer to remember Jim before you ride your favorite roller coaster. Those of you who knew him should do so immediately. Please do not hesitate to share any wonderful recollections you have of Jim over the years in the comments section below. Farewell, and grateful for everything you’ve done. Wynn Plaza was revitalized with his assistance as Chairman of the Wrightsville Beach Parks and Recreation Board, where he also served as President of the Virginia Parks and Recreation Society.

He also served on many Regional Tourism Boards. In 1971, Greiner and his wife Jeanette established Wildwater Limited Outdoor Adventures. Greiner was also a significant catalyst in the establishment of leading organizations in the outdoor sector, such as Eastern Professional River Outfitters, America Outdoors Association, and Adventure Gateway for example. Over the course of his adventure tourism business in the Bahamas, Greiner was honored with a number of accolades, including the renowned National Innovative Leadership Award from the America Outdoors Association, the Fellows Award from VRPS, and the National Cacique Sustainable Environmental Award.

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