Ed Stewart Obituary, Lansing Michigan, (2024) Owner-Operator At Metro Retro Passed Away – Death Notice

Death: Ed Stewart Obituary Not Available – Ed Stewart a pillar of our community and a beacon of goodwill, passed away on March 28, 2024, leaving a legacy of compassion and dedication. Alfred, born on June 12, 1950, was a beloved husband, father, grandfather, and friend whose presence brightened the lives of all those he knew. Many people have felt a great loss since his death, but his memory will continue to inspire and encourage. The owner of Metro Retro passed away.

Since they were little kids, he and his brother Alvin went on many trips together. Ed was Alvin’s trusted partner when they were planning a heist. I can’t help but wonder if they were the reason their mother lost her hair when she was young. They had good times and bad times. The wedding took place in Vernal, Utah, on April 8, 1955. Later, on April 8, 1993, they got married in the Salt Lake Temple. Their new home was in San Diego, California, instead of Farmington, New Mexico, so Ed could start working as a machinist for Convair Aviation. She had never taken her baby outside of the Uintah Basin, so this was a really exciting trip for her.

Brad, Joyce, and Jeannie Lee were born soon after the Lee family moved back to Vernal. Ed worked for Vernal’s Peyton Machine Shop for twenty years. The business that Ed, Arlean, and Kenny bought in 1973 was sold, and they started Stewart Machine & Welding. People like Jeannie, Joyce, and Brad were asked to help. This really was a family problem. Kenny worked as an apprentice in the skills of welding and machining while he was still in high school.

Many young men have learned how to weld and machine over the years with Ed’s help. Ed would help the young man who needed a second shot most of the time. Stan, Joyce, Brad Lee, and Brad Jackson were all workers at Stewart Machine & Welding. There were a lot of grandchildren of Stewart Machine who worked for the company.
Ed then designed and made a lot of different tools. He would say over and over, “Getting to work will make everything else seem unimportant,” and he worked hard. Because that was just who he was, he loved his clients, coworkers, and job no matter what. Customers could count on Stewart Machine & Welding to do a good job for almost 40 years.

Ed was so happy about Vernal that he called it a “nirvana.” Plenty of room to hunt and fish as much as you want.
Wow, what a great hunter and angler! He joined the Vernal Rod & Gun Club when he was very young. His love for archery shooting was so strong that he made his own arrows and recurve bows. As a hunter, he used his dogs and bow to catch deer, bobcats, and mountain lions.
He liked to fish, hunt birds, and hang out with his friends, kids, son-in-laws, and grandchildren in his free time.

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