Ardeth Kapp Obituary, Utah, A Tribute To A Creative Soul – Death Notice

Ardeth Kapp Death – Never before in the Church’s history has there been a greater need for young women who are prepared to endure rejection, fame, and loneliness in order to defend the gospel of Jesus Christ. Let us all be filled—every day, with the wisdom, strength, and trust that comes from seeking God in prayer, reading his word, and living according to his rules. In order for the glory of Christ to shine through us, we shall hold our lights high. “Stand for Truth and Righteousness,” by Ardeth G. Kapp, published in November 1988 in Ensign, page 93. Ardeth Kapp left his loved ones behind and headed to Brigham Young Academy High School in Provo, Utah.

The Canadian hamlet of Glenwood was where Ardeth Kapp spent his formative years. He remembered that: Growing up, my goals weren’t exactly rocket science. Getting a degree and trying to help other people were two things I knew were crucial. I used to fantasize about becoming as smart as the young ladies portrayed in the books I read. Despite the fact that I had never excelled academically, I felt compelled to continue my education despite the several individuals who thought it was a foolish notion. There are many of persons that can provide you sound advise when you need it.

Even if other people don’t comprehend your actions until much later on, you must ultimately follow your own impulses. Having the guts to do it alone is a must at times. As difficult as climbing a ladder, it was no easy feat. I had to let go of one hand before I could move on to the next step. It was really a fortunate turn of events. I recall thinking that I stood out from my fellow BY High School classmates in terms of my style and how I seemed to be out of touch with current trends while I was a student there. I now know what it’s like to be a member of the exclusive club thanks to this experience.

I understand the anguish of struggling academically despite the fact that most of my classmates are exceptionally bright. To be like other kids, I, too, have experienced the deprivation of material and immaterial possessions that seem crucial at times. The world may have changed, but the basics of what it takes to be accepted and approved have stayed the same. My second nugget of wisdom is to not let your mind be stuck on the negative parts of any given situation. While external factors may be beyond my control, my internal reactions are always within my sphere of influence. Kathleen Lubeck’s “Ardeth G. Kapp: Refined” in This People from April 1985 (pages 22–23, 26). Success in her profession allowed Sister Kapp to pursue further education, and she eventually earned a master’s and a bachelor’s degree.

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