Veronica Butler Missing Guymon, Oklahoma, Texas County Sheriff’s Department Issues Alert For Two Missing Women

Missing Person: Veronica Butler – Both the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and the Texas County Sheriff’s Department have issued a missing persons notice and are looking for a person who has gone missing. Those individuals who have been identified as being in danger of going missing and who are believed to be in danger of going missing are the target of the warning. With the intention of picking up additional children, Jillian D. Kelley, who was 39 years old, and Veronica C. Butler, who was 27 years old, were traveling together. In comparison to the other person, Veronica C. Butler was the younger of the two.

In spite of the fact that they were given a warning, they were never able to get at the location where they were supposed to meet. The fact that their vehicle had been left on the side of the road without any attempt to use it was uncovered during the investigation. The Chinese symbol is tattooed on Veronica’s left forearm, which is her left arm. A tattoo of this design can be found on her back. As someone who is passionate about tattoos, she has a number of them, and this particular tattoo is only one of them. One of her other tattoos is a sunflower, and it is situated on her left shoulder. She also has a tattoo of butterflies. In addition to that, she has a tattoo of a sunflower.

Providing assistance to our family is something that we strongly encourage you to do. The news that our daughter has disappeared has left us in a state of profound desolation. It has been requested that you pray for both families and that you spread the news about the tragedy that has transpired involving both families. Please pray for both families. Jillian was last seen in Texas County, which is situated between the intersection of Four Corners and Yarborough. She was wearing a butterfly on her left forearm at the time of her disappearance. The area surrounding those intersections was where she was when she was last seen by anyone.

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