Valdis Tums Death, Oak, Lawn Illinois, (2024)- Death Notice And Visitation

Valdis Tums Death – Additionally, he is the father of Daina Tums, his firstborn child, who passed tragically in 1984 as a consequence of injuries incurred in a vehicle accident. Daina Tums was his eldest child. A former winner of the Chicago Chess Championship as well as the Illinois Chess Championship, John has a strong history of success in the game. Chess and golf have been two activities that have brought him a great lot of joy throughout his entire life. After completing his education at the Illinois Institute of Technology, he went on to pursue a career in the field of mechanical engineering through his employment at Pyle-National in Chicago.

Lettgallia, his fraternity, and his children were all very important to him. He also had a strong affinity for his native Latvia. His demeanor was quiet, yet he possessed a profound intelligence and a high level of intellectual sophistication. As a result of the events that transpired during World War II, John was one of the numerous Latvians who were compelled to leave their homeland. During his teenage years, he lived in camps in Europe that were designated for those who had been displaced from their homes. In 1950, his family finally completed the trek to the United States and eventually arrived in Chicago. This was the year that they made the journey.

His wedding took place in 1954, and he relocated his family to Oak Park, Illinois, in 1962. Both of these events took place in the year 1954. He remained in Oak Park for the remainder of his life, and the year 1969 was the beginning of the divorce process that he went through. During John’s final years, Donald Robinson, along with his daughters Ka’lynn and Courtney, was John’s friend, companion, and caretaker. The Robinson family would like to convey their thanks and acknowledgement to Donald Robinson for his dedication and support during this difficult time. The fact that John was able to continue living in the house that he and his family had always treasured was made possible by this. It is important for Herb and Nora to convey to you, Dad, that we miss you.

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