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Death: Ryan Black Obituary – There have been 18 years of happiness that we have had together with you, and we are thankful for the additional 35 years of memories and legacy that you have left behind for us since you have been a part of our lives. On a daily basis, you motivate us to develop into the finest versions of ourselves that we are capable of becoming, and you show us love that is not conditional. During his tenure in the service, Ryan had been in Afghanistan, Germany, and England. He had also served in Bosnia. Having served in all three of those sites, he was a proud member of the United States Air Force and had served in all of those areas. While he was employed with Mccann and Chester, he was a Tow Truck Operator.

This role lasted for the duration of his employment. Ryan was an active outdoorsman who enjoyed activities such as hunting and camping in addition to his position as an assistant scout master in the Boy Scouts. He was recognized for his dedication to the outdoors. In addition to that, he was a member of the Butler Twp. Fire department for a considerable amount of time prior to his retirement. Among the persons who are still alive are his beloved wife, Kristi Black, who lives in Butler; his sons Chase, Matthew, Levi, and Adam; his daughter Julia; and his brother Chris Goldinger. All of these individuals are still alive. Cabot, Pennsylvania residents Connie Black, his mother, and Donald Smeltzer, her longtime companion, are both present with him. Both of them are from the same town.

They are both from the same town in the same region. His wife, Maura, his son, Conor, his parents, John and Kathy Black, his father and mother-in-law, William and Joan Wilkie, his brothers Mike (Sandy) and Christopher, his brother and sister-in-law, Billy (Sally) and Colleen Selimos (Steve), three nieces and one nephew (Alexandra, Lily, Sadie, and Sean), and a large number of friends who have been with him throughout his entire life are among those who are able to mourn his passing. In the future, he will continue to be appreciated. In addition to his maternal grandparents, Dr. and Mrs. William Black, and his paternal grandparents, Leander and Florence Kunz, all of his relatives had already left before he was born. His aunt Jane Gabel and his uncle Robert Black were also among those who had left. In addition to being his maternal grandparents, he also had paternal grandparents.

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