Carolyn Joyce Nahmabin Obituary Sarnia, Ontario, (1953 – 2024) – Death Notice

Death: Carolyn Joyce Nahmabin Obituary  – Bluewater Health in Sarnia, Ontario, was the location of a peaceful and tranquil passage that took place on Thursday, March 28, 2024. When the person passed away, they had reached the age of seventy years throughout their lifetime. As a friend, Lorne Shaw has always held Carolyn in the highest regard. This has been the case throughout their relationship.She is not only the devoted mother of Dana, Jordan, and Kaylie, but she is also the grandmother of Terrence Lee Nahmabin and Tiarra Leigh Nahmabin, and she is the great-grandmother of Oakley. In addition, she plays a role in the lives of her grandchildren.

Those who were personally connected to her, such as her brother and sister-in-laws, cousins, nieces, nephews, and acquaintances, will grievously miss her. In addition, her pals will miss her a great deal after she becomes no longer with them. The individuals who had left before she did were her siblings Robert, Ronald, Larry, Ervin, Frank, Brenda, Shirley, and Heather. They had all left before she did. Additionally, her parents, Grant and Eleanor James, were among the individuals who had passed away before to her having them. To add insult to injury, her son, Terrence Lee Nahmabin Jr., had already passed away prior to her own dying.

Over the course of more than four decades, Carolyn served as an administrator for the Aamjiwnaang. During that time, she was employed in that role. Both her work ethic and her willingness to assist people around her were immaculate, and she was always willing to provide a helping hand. People are going to remember her most on account of her gorgeous smile, her infectious laugh, and her heart that is full of thoughtfulness. These are the things that people will remember most about her. She used to look forward to her senior bingo, her congregate meals for seniors, and her Tuesday night TV bingo.

Not only did she have a strong interest in thrift shopping, but she also had a strong interest in participating in these activities. Maawn Doosh Gumig, which can be found in Sarnia at 1972 Virgil Avenue, will be holding a visitation on the third of April, beginning at eleven in the morning and continuing until two in the afternoon. The family and friends of the deceased are strongly encouraged to pay their condolences at this location and attend the memorial service. At two o’clock, there will be a memorial service held in honor of the person who has passed away. The burial took held at Aamjiwnaang, which was the location of the ceremony. If you would like to convey your condolences and thoughts to the family, you are more than welcome to do so by leaving a message in “Carolyn’s Guestbook” on the website of McCormack Funeral Homes in Sarnia. You can do this by clicking on the link provided. The contribution that you make to the Aamjiwnaang Food Book would be greatly welcomed, and we would be glad for any opportunity that will allow us to do so.

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