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Death: Brian Law Obituary –¬†Brian Law, who was affectionately known as “Bri” to his beloved wife Mary, “Blaw” to his three sons, and “Bubba” or “Silly Grandpa” to his seven grandchildren, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. It is with profound grief that we announce his loss. In addition to his partner and best friend, Mary, his sons Michael (and his wife Jenna), Geoffrey (and his wife Rebecca), and Andrew (and his wife Laura), his brother Peter (and his wife Stephanie), his brothers- and sisters-in-law Robert (and his wife Liz), and Stephen (and his wife Debbie), his nieces Jennifer and Amy, his nephew William, and his much-loved golden retriever, Riley, will miss Brian terribly.

The departure of Brian will be keenly felt by Emmett, Nixon, Theo, Nolan, Anneli, Benjamin, and Emily. Brian was never one to let a bad knee or hip prevent him from having a nice tickle fight with Grandpa. When you knew Brian, you knew his laugh for sure. A room was filled with hearty gasps of delight as a result of his laugh, which was a deep and appreciative laugh that sprang from the diaphragm. The laughter of Brian would reverberate throughout the entire house, and when he was out on a canoe excursion or a hike, it could be heard from a considerable distance. In 1951, in the city of Montreal, Brian was born to his parents, John Robert and Doris May.

In a short time, his younger brother, Peter (also known as “Plaw”), joined him. The fact that their father’s business required them to relocate frequently led to the development of a special kind of camaraderie that can only be found between brothers. Over the course of their retirement, Brian and Peter went on a series of river expeditions in the northern regions of Canada. Brian embodied the qualities that his father had modeled for him; he was honorable and had a profound sense of family and community. He was quoted as saying that the secret to success is to have a good marriage. Brian hit a home run after that score was reached. In October of 1969, Brian and Mary met in Montreal, marking the beginning of a relationship that would last for the next 55 years.

It was the kind of marriage that one hopes to have, a genuine union of love and friendship between the two of them. In this entire world, there was nothing that made Brian happier than witnessing Mary’s success. There were many people who did not ask him about Mary’s many accomplishments, but he would regale anyone who did inquire with them. In his role as a father, Brian elevated the mundane to the exceptional. In the evenings, Brian would spend his time jumping on Dad on the floor of the living room and playing one of the various games that he had developed, such as bucking broncos, dueling dozers, or Mojave Desert. Weekends consisted of going on walks through the woods and playing hide and seek. Brian’s expression for leaving the house to go nowhere in particular was “kicking around,” and “kicking around” was his way of saying it.

He and the boys would “kill the cake” when Mary was not around. They would assemble a boxed cake mix, set it in the middle of the kitchen table, and then “kill the cake.” This was an activity that did not require the use of plates. In addition to providing his children with a profound love of study and a clear example of what it means to be a wonderful father, Brian also gave his children a passion for the outdoors. Following his graduation from Queen’s Law School, Brian settled down in Cambridge, Ontario, as his new home. At some point in the future, he would become a founding partner of Pavey Law LLP. The virtues of small-town practice were embodied in Brian’s life.

He devoted himself to serving his community and contributed to the formation of a company that maintains its strong ties to the community. Being a mentor and advisor to new lawyers was something that Brian particularly enjoyed doing. He was able to assist many of these young lawyers in finding their position in the legal profession. His wise counsel would constantly be broken down into portions that were easy to understand, such as “the proposition is this,” and he was able to assist in the resolution of virtually any issue. With the help of Cambridge, Brian was able to launch his legal profession, and he devoted the remainder of his life to repaying the favor.

Not only did Brian preach about contributing to the community, but he actually did it. One of the many volunteer positions that Brian held was with the YMCA, both in Cambridge and on the national Board. He was very committed with the organization. His dedication manifested itself in noisy dance performances at any event that had the audacity to play the composition “YMCA” by the Village People. It was not for his dancing that he was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012; rather, it was for the significant amount of voluntary work that he had done for the YMCA Canada. In recent years, Brian and Mary have participated in activities such as golf and curling at the Galt Country Club.

Additionally, they have traveled the world together. Canoeing, on the other hand, was Brian’s preferred activity. Brian lived his life with one foot planted in the great outdoors and one eye toward the next canoe trip. He was a child drawn to the natural world. During his time on a river, Brian’s spirit flourished in the same way that the currents of the water bring the canoe to life. The excitement of a journey, the companionship of spending time with friends and family in the woods, and the ritual of finishing each day with a scotch and a story by the fire were all things that he cherished. The consummate storyteller, Brian would do anything to elicit a laugh, even if it meant putting himself in a position where he would have to do so. Brian did not leave anything out, possibly because he was aware that his own story will culminate at some point in the future.

When you left Brian’s house, you always made sure to give him a hug and express your gratitude; he would always end a chat by saying, “Love you guys.” The comments that were spoken bring a great deal of solace to Brian’s family at this very moment. Though we shall miss him dearly, we are filled with an amazing sense of gratitude for the opportunity to have known and loved such a beautiful individual. The Galt Country Club, located at 750 Coronation Blvd. in Cambridge, Ontario, will host a memorial service for Brian on April 7, 2024, from three o’clock in the afternoon to six o’clock in the evening. The objective of the YMCA, which is to promote community and well-being for all people, was something that Brian cared greatly about.

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