Tonya Scott Missing, Twin, Falls Idaho, Help Find Tonya Scott

Tonya Scott Missing – The past week and a half Tonya was just leaving the Quality Inn, which is located off Highway 93, when she was last seen by anyone from the neighborhood. In the event that it is noticeably detected, the police should be notified without delay. TONYA RAE SCOTT can be referred to by her entire name. There are many examples of aliases, some of which include names such as BAMBI, T-RAE, and LUCY SKY. The date of the last contact was March 24th, and the date of birth was August 19th, 1983.

Affirmative gender Latino/White having a complexion and skin tone that is light tan in color Dark brown is the color of the hair, and there are hints of red and yellow throughout the hair.  Eyes that are a shade of brown  height of 5 feet and 2 inches and a weight of 120 pounds. The Last Day of Wearing The ensemble is comprised of a blazer with a checkered pattern in tan, black and white pinstriped pants with a colorful rose flower pattern, and tan round-toe boots made of soft suede.

Whether one is walking on foot or traveling in a vehicle by car Indications on Bornes There was a pinky dot that was left behind by scars that extended straight forth.  The piercing of the ears There is a miniature rose that resembles a tulip that is located in the middle of the chest. A voodoo doll is placed on the lower left leg of the subject, and the background is a combination of purple and green. Anarchy is represented with a symbol that is located on the upper left arm. Issues Concerning the Medical Profession In the city state, there were no instances of people suffering from manic-depressive condition. Italics that fall from the sky

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