Tim King Obituary Chicago, Illinois (1953 – 2024) – Death Notice And Visitation

Death: Tim King Obituary – Tim King Of Chicago, Illinois sadly passed away recently. He was born in Columbus, Georgia, on November 26, 1952. Jordan Vocational High School, which was the designated school, was where Tim got his early schooling. He started building the foundations for what would become a great professional career while he was there. He worked hard to become the recognized owner and manager of Hydra-Fab in Phenix City, Alabama. His leadership and business skills were very helpful there. This was possible because he was determined to start his own business. From 1991 to the present, he had been a member of Concord Baptist Church and held Jesus to be his Lord and Savior.

His love of old cars was more than just a hobby; it showed how much he valued craftsmanship and how much he enjoyed the sense of nostalgia that came with it. Tim was able to show his imagination and hands-on approach to life through woodworking, which led to the creation of beautiful and useful objects. Tim liked to get his hands dirty. Tim regularly took care of his dogs and hens, who both brought him a lot of happiness and company. It wasn’t strange to find Tim taking care of his pets. The things in Tim’s home that made him happy and connected with other people were shows of those things.

He had been going to church since 1991. His work life wasn’t just about what he accomplished; it was also about the long-lasting relationships he built and the ways he helped the community by being a part of many groups. These things were what he did for a living. Tim was very good at his job, but he was also very interested in many other things. People often saw him with a fishing rod in his hand, which showed how much he liked fishing. Both the peace and quiet of nature and the thrill of getting a fish were enjoyable to him.

As shown by the good effects he had on people in his neighborhood, Tim left behind the mark of a life well lived. This is the thing I will leave behind. He lived a religious life that shone brightly and changed the lives of many people. This kind of life was shown by him very well. Timothy’s intelligence wasn’t just shown in his thinking; it was also shown in the good advice he gave to the people he cared about. The smart things Tim could do were not just in his head. The fact that he loved his family, was kind to his friends, and felt sorry for animals were all clear signs of how lovable he was.

He was always warm and friendly when people came into his home, and his heart and home were always open to anyone who wanted to come in. Even though Tim loved his family, the love story he had with Charlott King, his wife of more than 47 years, will last forever. They stayed married for a very long time, which shows that they shared beliefs and were dedicated to each other. To give their daughter Christina “Chrissy” Bates (Geoff) the same traits of intelligence, love, and faith that had been a part of Tim’s own life, they worked together as parents.

Along with his parents, his sister Melanie Atkins and brother Mike King also died before he did. There were other people who died before him besides his parents. People who are still alive include his wife Charlott King, his daughter Christina Bates (and her husband Geoff), his granddaughter Taylor Johnson (and her husband Nathan), his grandson Caleb Bates (and his wife Erica), his brother Stephen King, his brother Terry King, his brother-in-law Bobby Gunter and his sister-in-law Faith Gunter, his nephew Robby Gunter, his great-grandchildren Graysen, Chase, Andrew, and Wrenley, and his niece Tina Manglona (and her husband Jesse).

The way Timothy Paul King lived his life showed what he believed in, and we honor him as we remember him. His life showed that he believed those things. He loved his family very much and was a great model of love and faith. He was also a strong person in his community. He showed all of these things in a great way. Those who knew him will always be inspired by his spirit, and those who loved him will always remember him.

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