Matt Bolton Obituary, Longtime Resident of New Zealand, Goat Farmer Matt Bolton is Dead – (2024) Death Notice

Death: Matt Bolton Obituary – In Auckland, New Zealand, Matt Bolton, who was already a well-known goat farmer, founded Goat Farm. Goat Farm is located in Auckland. Moreover, he was the one who established the farm. He gave the impression of being friendly and welcome to all who came into contact with him. Oete Farm and Oakdale Farm, which together raised approximately 5,700 goats for the purpose of milk production, were the two farms that comprised his successful goat farming operation. He was praised for his accomplishments in this endeavor. Bolton and his wife, Sarah, were recognized as the Auckland Regional Supreme Winners at the Ballance Farm Environment Awards. This recognition was bestowed upon them in recognition of their forward-thinking and ecologically conscious approach to farming, which was a direct result of their dedication to sustainability.

It was announced on April 21, 2023 that New Zealander Matt Bolton had passed away as a result of a cardiac attack. According to the news, Bolton had died. A big number of people have expressed their condolences to his family and shared tributes that have been put on the internet in response to his passing. His passing was greatly remembered by a vast number of people. Both Bolton’s legacy as a goat farmer in New Zealand and the heritage of Oete Goat Farm, which Bolton established and expanded into one of the most successful goat farms in the country, will continue to be carried on thanks to the activities of Oete Goat Farm. Matt Bolton served as the director of the Oete Goat Farm, which stood in Patumhoe, South Auckland, and was the largest goat farm in the entire country of New Zealand.

In collaboration with his wife Sarah, they established a standard for the animal health of their goods that is both sustainable and of excellent quality. Their operations began as a dairy cow milking facility, but they eventually shifted their focus to goat farming and made substantial contributions to the dairy goat industry. In addition to Oakdale Farm, they completed the acquisition of Oete Farm, which encompassed a land area of 273 hectares. In total, they have 5,700 goats for milk production, which are milked at two distinct stations: a rotary on Oete Farm with 56 bails and an 80-bail rotary on Oakdale Farm. Both of these stations are located on Oakdale Farm. In order to better manage the burden on their farm, Matthew and Sarah decided to purchase ten hectares of kiwifruit.

They were recognized for their great farming enterprise at the Ballance Farm Environment Awards, where they were awarded the title of Auckland Regional Supreme Winners in the year 2022.The reputation of this farm has been built on the fact that it consistently produces high-quality outcomes and adheres to exacting requirements for animal health. In conclusion, Matt Bolton was a well-known figure in the New Zealand goat farming world. He was held in high esteem and cherished by those who worked in the sector. The passing of Matt Bolton, who was a well-known goat farmer in Auckland and the founder of Oete Goat Farm, occurred last week as a result of an event that took place in the heart. It has been said on the Hyundai Country Calendar Page that Matt suffered a heart attack during his lifetime, which ultimately led to his passing.

Additionally, he was recognized for having a friendly and welcoming manner, in addition to being a director of the well-known Oete Goat Farm, which was the largest goat farm in New Zealand. He was also known for his ability to care for animals. A severe level of animal welfare has been adhered to by the company for the past seven years, during which time it has been creating high-quality goods with an emphasis on sustainability, inventiveness, and animal care. When it comes to the development of their two estates, Oete Farm and Oakdale Farm, Matt and his wife Sarah have made great progress. Both of these estates are properties that they own. The production of around 5,700 goats for milk is the responsibility of the two farms, which are operated as a single entity due to their cooperative nature.

The Beauchamp Funeral Home in Palmerston North was the location of the memorial service that was held for Matt on April 26, 2023. The ceremony was known as a memorial service. One member of the Bolton family in New Zealand broke the sad news of his passing to the rest of the world through the social networking site Facebook. During the course of this difficult time, the family has expressed a desire to be left alone. The depth of their affection for him was shown by a great number of people, and they expressed their profound condolences to his family. Many others shared their memories of Matt Bolton and the influence he had on their lives, and tributes began pouring in from all across the United States.

Matt Bolton was a significant figure in the lives of many people. A memorial service for Bolton was held on April 26 at the Beauchamp Funeral Home in Palmerston North. The service was held in his tribute. In honor of him, the service was held earlier today. Those individuals who were unable to attend were given a link to a live webcast that was offered by the individuals’ relatives. The farming community in New Zealand has suffered a tremendous loss with the passing of New Zealand Matt Bolton. His legacy will continue to be preserved via the things he accomplished and the impact he had on the industry. In this trying time, we are praying for his family ones, his home, and his friends. May God bless them all. All of us are keeping them in our thoughts and prayers.

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