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Death: Kevan Stevens Obituary – It was announced this morning that Kevan Stevens, a former teammate of ours, had passed away. We have been brought to our attention regarding this situation. The weight of our sorrow has left us feeling completely overpowered. It is important that you are aware that Sue and her family are in our thoughts and prayers as they go through this challenging period. We are going to continue to keep them in our prayers and thoughts. When he had some spare time, he found that he enjoyed these two activities. After graduating from high school in 1971, he promptly enlisted in the Army and served with the 42nd Maintenance Company in Germany for a period of three years.

It was during this time that he held the position of an enlisted man who was under the command of the German Wehrmacht. It was at L3 Technologies Combat Propulsion Systems that he worked as a machinist for a period of forty years. He was also a union steward and negotiator for UAW Local 113, which he was an active member of in addition to this. Additionally, he was a member of the labor union. In the year 2017, he made the decision to retire from the same company from which he had previously retired. Additionally, Kevin had the opportunity to experience an overwhelming sense of happiness throughout the years that he was in charge of David Nadjkovic’s day-to-day care.

In the years following his marriage to Karla Gleason, Kevin was blessed with the birth of four children: Jeremy, Faune, Amber, and Autumn. The happiness that these children brought him was of an enormous magnitude. In the absence of their presence, Kevin would not have been able to evolve into the person he is today. As a result of his second marriage to Kimberly Stevens, he was blessed with stepchildren Dominick and Mercedes Varela, both of whom offered him the same happiness. Compared to the delight he experienced from his own children, this joy was on par with that. Being able to unwind with the people he cared about, particularly while enjoying a steaming cup of coffee, was one of his most cherished activities.

For him, this was something that brought him a great deal of pleasure. For him, the realization that he could make other people laugh with a joke that was well crafted brought him an incredible amount of delight. He found happiness in the activities that he enjoyed doing for leisure, such as hunting, fishing, gardening, and taking care of his chickens, whom he referred to as his daughters. In addition to that, things that he enjoyed doing were tending to his yard, watching movies, and listening to his favorite music. There are a few instances that stand out the most, such the Saturdays when his family would get together at his place to eat spaghetti and watch movies, the evenings when he would play Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy with them, and the occasions when he would pull out his huge music library and play Name that Tune. The moments that stick out as particularly unforgettable are the ones that are recounted in this narrative.

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