John Condon Obituary, New Jersey, A Great Musician Passed Away At The Age of 74 – Death Notice

John Condon Obituary – After a long and heroic battle with Alzheimer’s disease, musician John Condon died on March 29, 2023, at the age of 74. When he died, he was surrounded by his loving family, listening to Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” and holding the hands of his twin daughters. Even a few days ago, he was still sharing jokes, showing sympathy for his family, and singing to his children. John was born January 11, 1949, in New Brunswick, New Jersey. John Condon and Geraldine Zillessen were his parents. Both Jack and Jill.

In a family of six, he was the third kid. Because John’s father was a colonel in the military, the family traveled around a lot as he grew up. He attended three kindergartens and five high schools in New Jersey and Europe. His parents and older brother, Michael Condon, died before him. He follows in their footsteps. His wife, Christine Zillig Condon, his sisters, Katrina Condon Dugan and Jennifer Condon Korona, his brothers, Christopher Condon and Peter Condon, and his children, Alexander Condon, Cassandra Condon, and Jessica Condon Pacheco, are among those who will carry on his legacy after his death.

His studies at Southern Illinois University resulted in the awarding of a bachelor’s degree in humanities. Following his attendance at Woodstock in 1969, he moved to Florida to be closer to his family and to help manage Toppertown, Inc. in Cocoa, the family business that his parents founded in 1971. John retired as manager in 2017 after 44 years of service, and in 2022, after 50 years of service, his son Alexander became the company’s third generation owner. He was recognized for his unusual ways of thinking, and one of his accomplishments was the creation of a geodesic dome in 1980.

It was here that he met Christine, his wife of 37 years, and they raised their three children together. Many people were aware of John Condon’s famous pink dome! John and Christine became acquainted at the Halloween party he organized, where he dressed as the “John Balushi” killer bee from Saturday Night Live and Christine as Princess Leia from Star Wars. They got married 79 days later. John was well-known for having a boisterous and fun-loving disposition. He was known for bringing joy and great music wherever he went.

He played in a variety of local bands throughout his career and gained many lovely friends along the way. He was the type of man who would go out of his way to help anyone, and he had a knack for bringing people together, usually by hosting a great party. “Knee Deep” in the early 1980s, “Group Therapy” in 1983, “Pyramid” in 1985, “Hot Relish” played locally for almost 15 years, “Space Fish” played locally for four years, and “Lunar Trio” more recently performed at his 70th birthday party at Cocoa’s Snug Pub restaurant. He was a true musician, capable of singing as well as playing guitar and harmonica in a variety of bands during his career. There were about a hundred friends and family members present!

John was a community leader, serving on the Cocoa Business Alliance, the Cocoa Planning and Zoning Board, and the Cocoa Beach Area Chamber of Commerce. He sat on the Board of Directors and the Chamber Seafest Committee, where he was in charge of hiring bands and playing on stage at Seafest for several years. His wife Christine was fortunate with a lovely and loving spouse, and his three children, Alex, Cassie, and Jessie, were blessed with a father who was both entertaining and caring. According to his own words, he is a “delicate flower,” but he is firm in his beliefs. Many will remember John for his quick wit, distinct sense of humor, generosity, love, and everlasting friendship. A lot of people will remember John.

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