Njabulo Yose Missing, 17-year-old South Africa Boy Found Dead – Death Notice

Death: Njabulo Yose Missing – Unfortunately, it is with a heavy heart that we must inform you that the body of Njabulo Yose has been discovered. Sincere sympathies are extended to his family and friends at this time. Please accept my gratitude to the Pretoria Central SAPS as well as to everyone who shared his flyer.

Previously: Phindiwe Yose has not seen her son Njabulo Yose, who is 17 years old and went missing after school. It has been two weeks and counting since the last time she saw him. On March 13th, Njabulo was reported missing. He was last spotted traveling to Kgosi Mampuru with three other pals at approximately nine o’clock at night. It was earlier this week when we discovered his novels. “After someone reported that they discovered his books in the street, I went to the police station to find out more about it,” she stated.
According to Yose, they got in touch with the woman who discovered the books, but it was of no use. She responded by saying, “It is just another dead end.”

The anxious mother explained that her son did not have a phone, which meant that she was unable to call him. She was now fearing the worst possible outcome. During the previous week, Yose was informed that her son had been observed at a potentially hazardous location in close proximity to Kgosi Mampuru. There is a high level of danger there; even the cops are afraid to go there. It is possible that he has found his way there and hence is unable to come out. She had stated at the beginning that he is not interested in drugs because they had tested him not too long ago.

While he was in school, he got into a quarrel with another student on the day that her son vanished. Yose has been receiving assistance in her search for her son from a family friend named Pearl Ramashala. Her statement was as follows: “Since the very first day, we have been conducting our own investigations due to the lack of urgency displayed by the police.” It appears as though they are not thinking about it seriously. The mother of a teenager who went missing last week in Pretoria is begging for assistance in locating her son, who is in his teenage years.

It has been eight days since Phindiwe Yose’s son, Njabulo, who is 17 years old, did not return from Voortrekkerhoogte High School in Centurion, according to what she said yesterday. Since the last time anyone saw him, he was dressed in gray tracksuit trousers, a white vest, and a gray school shirt.On March 13th, he was reported missing.

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