Car Accident Phoenix Today, DPS Investigates Fatal Rollover Crash In Phoenix

Car Accident Phoenix Today – In north Phoenix, there was a severe rollover accident that occurred near to the Loop 303 interchange. As a result of this accident, southbound Interstate 17 was closed. This tragedy was the reason why the operation was halted. It wasn’t until Thursday that the highway was opened back up to traffic again, after it had been blocked for a considerable amount of time in the beginning. Because of an accident that involved a rollover, the tragic occurrence that took place was brought about by the accident. On the 28th of March, at approximately three minutes before three o’clock, the police issued a report claiming that the collision had resulted in the death of a person.

The report was provided by the police. In the hours leading up to five o’clock in the evening, the street was once again open to vehicular traffic without any limits being placed on it before or after that time. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, which claimed that the collision took place, a car was involved in a collision with the center barrier, which resulted in the vehicle flipping over and scattering debris across multiple lanes of the roadway. The collision was reported to have taken place. It was in the state of Arizona where the accident occurred.

For the time being, there is no information that can be accessible on the reasons why the sole driver of the car lost control of the vehicle as it was traveling in the direction of traffic heading south. This is due to the fact that there is no information that is currently accessible from the source. Because of this, the vehicle was involved in a collision with the concrete median wall as well as the pole that was illuminated. Both of these objects were severely damaged. Both of these occurrences occurred beside one another at the same time. After that, the vehicle flipped over and came to rest on its roof, which blocked both lanes #2 and #3, according to Bart Graves, who works for the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

This was the cause of the obstruction. The obstruction was brought about as a result of this. As a consequence of this, the obstruction developed into what it is now. Due to the fact that this occurred, the obstruction evolved into what it is at the present day. Throughout the duration of the closure, all of the traffic that was directed to the off-ramp that is located at the intersection of Loop 303 and Sonoran Desert Drive was directed to that particular off-ramp. During the entirety of the incident, the lanes of traffic on Interstate 17 that were traveling in the direction of the event remained open. This is something that should be taken into consideration.

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