Candace Santos Obituary, New York, A Remarkable Life Remembered – Death Notice

Death: Candace Santos Obituary – We would want to express my deepest sympathies to Candace Santos’ family and loved ones. we deeply disturbed by her passing. All of the people in the Middletown neighborhood, including the Santos family and the 845elite family, have suffered a horrible loss as a result of this. Candace will be greatly missed for all time, and we will never forget how wonderful she was to each and every one of us. In our community, she was involved in a significant way. Sorry, Candace. One of Candace’s most outstanding abilities was her ability to make everyone in the room feel like they were cherished and loved.

It is with great sadness that we will miss her contagious sense of humor, unflinching commitment to kindness, and reassuring presence. We have decided to start a Meal Train in order to provide assistance to the Santos-Kmiec family during this challenging period. In the same way that Candace and her family have always been there for us, this is our way of showing that we are actually present for Candace today.

It is desirable for Candace to experience a profound sense of loss. Because we were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to spend time with her, she is deserving of all the emotions, memories, and thankfulness that we are capable of mustering. We need to join together as a community to show our support for her lovely children and to let them know that they have our unflinching support.

The affection that Candace felt for each and every one of us ought to include them as well. We ask that you come and be a part of this open display of our affection and support. Giving to the GoFundMe campaign or participating in the Meal Train are two possibilities that you might want to consider. During this difficult moment, let us make sure that the Santos-Kmiec family has the aid and care that they require; Erika Rosenberger will provide additional information at a later time.

Despite the fact that she was born in New Bedford to Pamela F. and James E. Brogden, Jr., she spent her whole childhood in Dartmouth until she from high school. Following her graduation from high school, she obtained an associate’s degree in communications from Bristol Community College. She subsequently went on to pursue further education. It was after she had completed her secondary school education at Dartmouth that she was awarded this achievement. At Tempus Unlimited, Candace worked in a number of different positions as a personal care attendant. The Dartmouth Cinema, the New Bedford Cinema, and the Ames Department Store were among the places where she had previously held employment, and she had worked her way up the corporate ladder.

Candace was now employed with Tempus Unlimited at this same moment. Although she placed a high value on culture, music, and movies, the most important thing for her was to spend time with her beagle, Bree. She held each and every one of these items in high regard. The absence of Candace will be deeply felt by each and every one of us. She is survived by her parents, as well as her aunt Doreen Brogden and her boyfriend Bill, who reside in Westport; two uncles, Joseph Brogden of New Bedford and Jeffrey Amaral and his wife Lois of Freetown; and numerous cousins. Her parents are also among those who do not survive her.

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