Kolin Kotas Missing, Help Locate Odell NE Man

Amber Alert: Kolin Kotas Missing Person – In the early morning hours of Wednesday, March 27, it was reported that Kolin Kotas had not been seen in the northeastern part of the state of Kansas. According to the charges, the usage of the credit card that Kotas possessed was demonstrated by a post that was posted on Facebook by Kotas’ wife. This past week, on March 27th, it was reported that he had not been seen since the previous week.
On the 27th of March, in Wakefield, Kansas, his phone rang for the very last time at two minutes and five seconds after two o’clock.

It was on March 27 at 4:27 p.m. in Waterville, Kansas, that the transaction took place, and he paid for the purchase of gasoline with a credit card. The vehicle bears the license plate number Nebraska 3-6878A, which is shown on the exterior of the vehicle. The vehicle that is now being operated is a dodge Ram quad-cab pickup truck that is white in color.

It’s possible that he was wearing tan jeans, a black hooded hoodie, and perhaps Ariat or BKE jeans. There was a chance that he was wearing each and every one of these items altogether. A pair of black Oakley sunglasses and a Bauer Built Hat are the items that we are currently donning at this very moment.
As part of the search activities that are currently being carried out in order to determine where to go, the Odell Fire Department is the beginning point for the search efforts.

We would like to make a plea for assistance from the general public in the hopes that they will be able to assist us in locating him and give us with information regarding his whereabouts. Sincerely, would appreciate it if the material could be shared and circulated. The Kolin in question has been discovered and located. Your prayers are requested to include Brittney and their children in your thoughts. We kindly ask that you keep praying for them in the future.

If you are able to resolve this issue, Iwould appreciate it if you could do so. Is there anyone among us who is even remotely familiar with the many routes that he might have taken after leaving the gas station? would appreciate it if you could spread this information to anyone who lives in the Waterville and BR areas!this family is comprised of some truly great individuals, including you! In the event that you have any information or have witnessed something, you are more than welcome to send me a note.  will then put you in touch with the appropriate individuals so that you can discuss it with them. All information, regardless of its kind, will be much appreciated! MANY THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!!!


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