Frank Lamb Missing, Help Police Find A Man Of Age 48, Who Was Last Seen On Friday(3/2/24) Virginia, Richmond

Frank Lamb Missing –¬†Attending the same school as Frank Lamb, who has been working as a bartender in Richmond for many years, and who is a wonderful person!
They kindly ask that you post this information on your page. As well as pray that he is located unharmed. “It is believed that Frank does not have a cell phone or a vehicle,” Kenny Jarels, who works with The AWARE Foundation, noted in an email communication with the media. “He is wearing a baseball cap most of the time, and his hands have a tendency to shake.

As far as his sister is concerned, Frank’s disappearance is not consistent with his personality pattern. Their concern for his health and safety is of the utmost importance. On Friday, March 22, 2024, Lamb, who was 48 years old at the time, was last seen in the vicinity of the 2500 block of Hanover Avenue in Richmond. The hair of amb is brown, and her eyes are hazel. Sunday was the last time anyone saw Frank Lamb, and he was at the Richmond area. This past Wednesday, he communicated with his family via email for the last time.

“It is believed that Frank does not have a cell phone or a vehicle,” Kenny Jarels, who works with The AWARE Foundation, mentioned in an email exchange with the media. Jarels was referring to the absence of a vehicle and a cell phone. The majority of the time, he is seen wearing a baseball cap, and his hands have a tendency to show signs of shaking. Frank’s disappearance does not fit the pattern of his behavior, according to his sister, who is concerned about the matter. The fact that they are concerned about his well-being and security is of the utmost significance.

His family has been informed that they are experiencing a tremendous lot of anxiety as a result of Frank’s disappearance, which has been brought to their knowledge. The members of Frank’s family have brought to light the fact that acting in such a manner is completely inconsistent with his personality. The rising level of anxiety that they are experiencing makes it very clear that there is an immediate need for the community to work together in order to locate Frank and make certain that he is safeguarded in the appropriate manner.

According to a request made by the Richmond Police Department, anyone who may have information on Frank Lamb’s location or any potential sightings is being urged to come forward as soon as possible. This request was communicated to everyone who may have any information. It is imperative that the fact that each and every piece of information, regardless of how inconsequential it may appear to be, has the potential to be essential in ensuring that Frank arrives home in a secure manner is not something that should be neglected.

In light of the unpredictability and difficulty that is currently presenting itself, the actions that are being taken by the community as a whole are of the utmost importance. It is possible for us to increase the possibility of locating Frank in a timely manner and reuniting him with his loved ones if we raise awareness about his absence and spread information about his disappearance. This is something that we can do. There is a connection between Lamb and Wilmington, North Carolina. There is a widespread belief that he does not possess either a mobile phone or a vehicle. His hands have a tendency to shake, and he wears a baseball cap most of the time.

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