Cordell Dunning Motorcycle Accident, Jefferson County, Fort Drum Soldier Dies In Motorcycle Crash

Cordell Dunning Motorcycle Accident – An accident that took place on Wednesday afternoon in the community of Pamelia resulted in the death of a soldier who was stationed at Fort Drum. The soldier was killed as a result of the incident that taken place. The accident involved a motorcycle as one of the vehicles involved.

Cordell Dunning, who is 26 years old, and Matheau Philibert, who is 27 years old, were riding their motorcycles on Interstate 781 at approximately 12:45 p.m. when the front tire of Dunning’s motorcycle made contact with the rear tire of Philibert’s motorcycle near the flyover that crosses State Route 37. Both riders were injured as a result of the collision. It has been determined by the state police that the collision took place. Both of the bikers were hurt as a result of the collision that occurred while they were riding.

It was due to the fact that Dunning was unable to maintain control of his bicycle that he was involved in a collision with a guide rail. Cordell W. Dunning, age 26, and Matheau R. Philibert, age 27, were riding their bikes close to the overpass of State Route 37 when Dunning unexpectedly lost control of his motorcycle and slammed into a guide rail. Both soldiers were injured in the accident. These two soldiers were both from Fort Drum. The severity of the injuries sustained by both of the guys prompted them to be transported to the hospital.

Due to the collision that took place between Dunning’s front tire and Philibert’s rear tire, Dunning was once again unable to maintain control of his motorcycle. This unfortunate event occurred as a result of the contact. The fact that Dunning had died away was proven without a shadow of a doubt at the location where the crime was committed. There were no injuries sustained by Philibert as a result of the collision, and he did not exhibit any signs of alcohol or drug impairment at the scene of the accident, as indicated by the results of his tests. At no point did Philibert sustain any kind of injury. At this very moment, the investigation that was initiated earlier is still being carried out throughout the day.

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