Miguel Luna Accident Disaster, Francis Scott, Key, 6 Likely Dead After Cargo Ship Accident Levels Baltimore Bridge

Death: Miguel Luna Accident Disaster – Following the collapse of the bridge, the Coast Guard has decided to call off the search for six individuals who have not been seen since the incident. As far as the authorities are concerned, the hunt for the construction workers who had gone missing had been going on for an excessively long time. They were standing on the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore when they were struck by a cargo ship. This occurred after they had experienced a power outage.

At a late hour on Tuesday night, the search for six construction workers who were on a bridge in Baltimore when it was struck by a cargo ship and collapsed into the Patapsco River came to an end. The men were on the bridge when the collision occurred. Coast Guard personnel were the ones that carried out the search. Rear Admiral Shannon Gilreath made the following statement during a press conference that took place just after the sun went down:

“At this point, we do not believe that we are going to find any of these individuals still alive.” She highlighted the low temperatures of the water as well as the period of time that had passed since the collapse that took place overnight as further reasons for her statement. The admiral and Colonel Roland L. Butler of the Maryland State Police provided a comprehensive account of the hazardous conditions that rescue workers were compelled to endure. These conditions included fluctuating currents and toxic debris.

Divers will make an attempt to return to the water at approximately six o’clock on Wednesday morning, according to Colonel Butler. This will be done in an effort to collect the deceased. He concluded by saying, “We do not know where they are, but we intend to give it our best effort to assist these families in finding closure even though we do not know where they are.” The authorities began what might be a protracted inquiry into the manner in which the large ship collided with the Francis Scott Key Bridge as it was leaving the premises of the Port of Baltimore on Tuesday.

investigation is looking at the circumstances behind the collision. The authorities were given a brief opportunity to stop traffic and make an attempt to evacuate the bridge before it entirely collapsed into the river. This was made possible by the fact that the crew of the ship informed the authorities that it had lost power.

As soon as they board the damaged ship, investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board will concentrate on numerous different lines of inquiry, as stated by Jennifer Homendy, who is the head of the board. The information that is displayed on the ship’s recorders and the question of whether or not the ship lowered its anchor in an effort to slow down are both included in these lines of inquiry. A further factor that will be taken into consideration is the outcome of any earlier safety and maintenance inspections that have been conducted.

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