Madeline Soto Murder, Florida, US ,Stephan Sterns Is Being Held On 60 Child Sexual Abuse Charges

Death: Madeline Soto Murder-  In the inquiry of Madeline Soto’s mother’s death, the boyfriend of Madeline Soto is refusing to cooperate. At this time, Stephan Sterns is being jailed on sixty charges of sexual assault of children. The man who is currently being jailed on allegations of child sexual abuse in connection with the death of Madeline Soto, a teenager from Florida, is refusing to help with the investigation being conducted by the police. Betty Holland, the Chief of Police in Kissimmee, presented an update on the investigation into the death of the 13-year-old boy around the 26th of February on Thursday afternoon.

This comes after around two weeks of silence over the matter. According to Chief Holland, the only person who has been charged in connection with the case is Stephan Sterns, who is the boyfriend of the mother of the 13-year-old. However, at this point, he has not been cooperative with the investigation. As a result of him exercising his right to legal representation, we have not had any conversations with him, the chief stated. When it comes to Mr. Sterns, he is not leaving. He is currently incarcerated, and it is expected that he will remain there for some time.

Chief Holland stated that she did not believe that the inquiry had been delayed as a result of Mr. Sterns’ refusal to cooperate with the probe. On March 12, Mr. Sterns, who is 37 years old, was charged with sixty counts of child sexual assault. This came about after law enforcement investigators discovered “disturbing” photographs and videos of abuse on the suspect’s phone in the days following Madeline’s disappearance. A portion of this alleged abuse is said to have occurred as far back as 2019, when Madeline would have been eight years old.

After the girl did not show up for school in Kissimmee on February 26th, it was reported that she was missing. After a few days had passed, on March 1st, the detectives made the announcement that they were convinced that she had passed away. A few hours later, her body was discovered in a wooded area. It is believed that Mr. Sterns was the last person to check on Madeline while she was still alive. He had been observed on security footage putting her school backpack and laptop in a dumpster, and then driving her body away in a car while claiming that he was taking her to school. He had claimed that he was transporting her to school by mistake.

Despite the fact that Chief Holland stated that her agency was still waiting for the findings from the medical examiner, the cause of death of Madeline has not officially been disclosed. In response to a question about whether or not any other individuals, including Madeline’s mother, were being investigated as potential suspects, the chief stated that this was not the case. “Everyone that was close to Madeline is considered suspect until we have proven otherwise,” Holland stated in his statement. We are committed to ensuring that we unearth each and every fact as well as all of the related evidence. We do not wish to assign a certain time frame to it.

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