John Piazza Shooting, Waterloo Iowa, DCI Identified Man Shot Dead By Waterloo Police Officer

Death: John Piazza Shooting – The District Attorney’s Office (DCI) identified the individual who was shot by a Waterloo police officer as John Piazza, who is 41 years old. Piazza went back to his house to finish his day after shooting a shot in an auto shop. He was going to proceed with his day. The next thing that happened was that he pointed a long gun at the officers that responded, and one of them ended up shooting him. On March 25, 2024, a shooting incident that included an officer took occurred at 1204 Hartman Avenue in Waterloo.

The Waterloo Police Department issued a request to the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation to undertake an investigation into the occurrence of the shooting for the purpose of determining the circumstances surrounding the shooting. The employees of Victory Motors, which is situated at 2701 Falls Avenue, called 911 at 2:46 p.m. to report that a neighbor, who was later identified as John Piazza, age 41, of 1204 Hartman Avenue in Waterloo, had put a gun to the face of an employee and fired a bullet at the property. Piazza was a resident of Waterloo.

Piazza allegedly informed the staff members that he would return with a firearm, as described by the employees. According to the employees, the individual in question was bald, with a lengthy beard, and was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. This individual possessed the same qualities as well. The Waterloo Police Department observed a man who matched the description standing close to the windows of the property while carrying a long firearm.

This occurred after the department arrived at 1204 Hartman Avenue, which is situated just behind Victory Motors. One of the officers from the Waterloo Police Department noticed that Piazza was pointing a long pistol out of a window in the direction of the policemen they were working with. It was Piazza who was struck by the bullet that was fired at him by the police. Once they entered the flat, the officers found out that Piazza had already passed earlier previously.

The circumstances behind this tragedy are still being investigated at this time. Following the conclusion of the investigation, the results will be delivered to the Blackhawk County Attorney’s Office by the Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation so that they can be examined.

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