Sebastian Rogers Missing, Nashville TN, Search for Clues Takes New Turn

Sebastian Rogers Missing – As the hunt for Sebastian Rogers, a teenager who has been reported missing, continues, the United Cajun Navy, a charitable organization that organizes rescue teams, has joined the endeavor on Saturday to assist in locating him. At the end of February, Rogers, who was 15 years old at the time, vanished from the house in Sumner County, Tennessee, that he shared with his mother and stepfather. Katie Proudfoot, the boy’s mother, stated that her son was not in his room when she tried to wake him up for school on February 26. Chris Proudfoot, the boy’s stepfather, was working out of town at the time.

Given that there was no evidence of a break-in, it is reasonable to assume that he had gone of his own will. On behalf of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI), an Amber Alert was issued for the adolescent, who was characterized as having “a medical condition that may impair his ability to return safely without assistance.” He was described as having brown hair and eyes, standing at a height of 5 feet and 5 inches, weighing 120 pounds, and wearing glasses and having brown hair.

The notice that was issued by the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office stated that the last time anyone saw him, he was dressed in black sweatpants and a black hoodie. A hunt for Roger, a teenager who has been missing since his abduction, has been going on for some time now. Scent dogs, drones, helicopters, divers, and search teams have been seeking for him on foot and using horseback. On the other hand, United Cajun Navy made the announcement on Saturday that it has included itself in the search efforts for Rogers.

This morning, we sent a search team that included a K-9 to Sumner County, Tennessee, in order to provide assistance to the family of Sebastian Rogers, who is 15 years old. According to a statement on United Cajun Navy’s Facebook page, “He has been missing for five weeks, and we have been asked to redirect assets from the Riley Strain search to assist in bringing Sebastian home.” After the body of a college student named Riley Strain, who had been reported missing, was discovered in the Cumberland River on Friday, just a few days after the United Cajun Navy joined the search, the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) in Tennessee made the statement.

In the days leading up to his disappearance on March 8, Strain, a student at the University of Missouri who was 22 years old, was traveling to Nashville with his brothers from his fraternity. After being ejected out of Luke’s 32 Bridge, the bar owned by country music artist Luke Bryan, he became separated from his buddies and struggled to walk in a straight line. The footage from the surveillance cameras shows him stumbling and having difficulty walking in a straight path. On Wednesday, the United Cajun Navy began searching for Strain by deploying boats after the family of Strain reached out to them in an effort to receive assistance.

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