Caleb Harris Missing, Georgia US, Where is Caleb Harris? Texas A&M Student Goes Barefoot For Uber Eats Order

Caleb Harris Missing – According to reports, Caleb Harris is missing from Georgia. Italics “, Caleb Harris, is he still alive and well? The students at Texas A&M University place their order for Uber Eats while wearing no shoes at all. The plans that Caleb Harris is making to go fishing with his friends on a Sunday are now being put together. Following a day spent on the lake, Caleb engages in a discussion with his father about the many types of lures that are utilized by fishermen.

After the call is over, Caleb Harris completes the day by meeting his roommates outside of their off-campus property in The Cottages at Corpus Christi. This brings the day to a close. In the course of the evening, Harris and his roommates venture out into the fresh air to visit with their recently acquired canine companion. After arriving home at a little after one in the morning, he sends a Snapchat to his sister at two forty-four in the morning. He does this after he has returned home.

Within the span of one minute, Caleb Harris utilizes the Uber Eats interface to place an order for food. As a result of the fact that Harris is not there in front of his apartment to accept the delivery when the Uber Eats driver arrives at 3:20 in the morning, the food is left without him at the doorstep. When the roommates of Caleb Harris begin their day, they open the front door to find that the food that Caleb ordered from Uber Eats is still waiting for them there.

This happens every morning when they begin their day. Harris is now being sought after by the roommates at this time. The roommates alert the security staff at Texas A&M Corpus Christi that Harris has not been seen since the previous day and report him missing to the police around eleven o’clock in the morning. They also inform the police that Harris appears to be missing. It is three o’clock in the afternoon when Randy and Becky Harris are informed that their kid has vanished without a trace.

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