Ava Grace Baldwin Missing, Arizona USA, Help Find 14-Year-Old Teen

Amber Alert: Ava Grace Baldwin Missing – From the 17th of September till the 15th of September in 2015, blonde hair color Eyes are a shade of hazel. Currently 14 years old. Photographed when the subject was six years old Family member Ava Grace Baldwin, who is a member of the Baldwin family, was taken captive by them. Her last known location was on September 17, 2015, in San Antonio, Texas, when she was just six years old. Her last known location was in Texas. She has reached the age of 14 at this very moment: today. It is believed that Ava is currently in the company of her mother, Kathryn Ann Baldwin, who does not have custody of her children and who is sought for a felony for interfering with child custody.

At this time, it is believed that Ava is in the company of her mother. Those who are related to Kathryn “Katie” Baldwin and those who are acquainted with her can be found throughout the states of Texas, Oklahoma, California, Florida, Illinois, and Georgia. In the event that Ava, who was six years old at the time, was reported missing to the San Antonio police department, Hopper was the one who brought her to the attention of the agency.

There was a conversation between the school and Hopper, in which the school informed Hopper that Ava had gone missing. Hopper then reached out to him. It came as a great surprise to them that the observations that were made by the police squad were made. After the police were sent to the location of the most recent address that we had obtained, they found that the yard was absolutely free of any activity. This was the first thing that they discovered when they arrived at the location.

In addition to that, we had dispatched the police to the neighborhood in question.In addition, it was precisely at that time that we were aware of the fact that there is something going on in this location,” Hopper continued their explanation. Hopper made a remark that he had made an effort to be the kind of father that Ava would want and demand after Kathryn made the announcement that she was carrying a child. These remarks came after Kathryn made the announcement. As far as he is concerned, he continued to act in this manner right up until the moment that Ava was born.

It is Hopper’s contention that the person who made the comment “She’s just the perfect little girl” was the one who made the statement in the first place. When she found out that she had a large number of cousins on this side of the family, she was fairly taken aback by the information. There were so many cousins that she was completely unaware of.When Hopper was arguing for custody of Kathryn, he made the statement that her life was going to take a stride in the wrong path. This statement was made during the time that Hopper was fighting for custody of Kathryn.

According to the allegations, Ava was allegedly moving about between a number of different partnerships, shelters, and church missions throughout the period that he was attempting to acquire greater access to her. It was during the time that he was investigating her whereabouts that he made this assertion. According to Hopper, Child Protective Services was made aware of a video that showed Kathryn engaging in a sexual act by herself while Ava, who was two years old at the time, was asleep on the bed behind her. The video was seen by Child Protective Services.

The footage was received by Child Protective Services for review. The film was shown for them to watch because it was provided by the Child Protective Services agency. “CPS contacted us and said, if you can help us find her, we have your daughter,” said Tina Fullbright, Ava’s aunt. “We have your daughter presently.” “We have your daughter at these times.” At the moment, we are carrying your daughter in our possession. “During these troubled times, we have your daughter.”


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