Sarm Heslop: A British Woman’s Mother, Who Is Missing In The US Virgin Islands, Has Asked President Biden To Assist In Locating Her Daughter.

It has been three years since Ms. Heslop was last seen on the catamaran that belonged to her boyfriend. Although she is still officially missing, her mother now feels that she was murdered. During the search, the family has enlisted the assistance of a former homicide commander from the Metropolitan Police Department.The United States Virgin Islands are a set of Caribbean islands that are famous for their white sand and turquoise oceans. Sarm Heslop, a former air hostess from Southampton, was living what appeared to be her dream life in the United States Virgin Islands.The two of them were living and working together on Mr. Bane’s boat, which was named Siren Song. She had relocated to be with her new boyfriend, Ryan Bane, and they were living together.

However, the lady, who was 41 years old at the time, vanished from the catamaran in the middle of the night in March of 2021. Even though it has been three years since she was last seen, her mother Brenda Street is still under the impression that she was committed murder.This is what Ms. Street said to Sky News: “I do believe that she was murdered.” There are locations in the water where it is possible to place individuals and they will never be found. My belief is that this is what took place. It would be easy for me to grieve if I could just bring her back home. Due to the fact that I do not have her and I am unsure of how to grieve, I have not yet done so.

Prior to her disappearance, Ms. Heslop and Mr. Bane had been seen at a sports bar in Frank Bay, St. John, the night before she was reported missing. It was at 2.30 in the morning the following morning that Mr. Bane made a report to the Virgin Islands Police Department that Ms. Heslop was missing. He stated that he woke up to discover her missing. He was given the recommendation to inform the coast guard, but according to reports, he did not do so until nine hours later. One of the allegations made in the report filed by the Coast Guard is that he was “highly intoxicated” when they eventually entered the yacht, which precluded a search of the cabin.

The island police have never conducted an interview with Mr. Bane, they have never conducted a forensic investigation of the yacht, and they have refused to assist the FBI. “They’ve not done their jobs as police officers, not done their job as human beings,” Ms. Street explained to reporters. In order to assist in the search for Ms. Heslop, the family has enlisted the assistance of David Johnston, who was once the homicide commander for the Metropolitan Police. In a letter that he sent to the Foreign Secretary, Lord Cameron, he urged him to exert pressure on the United States authorities to supervise the investigation being conducted by the Virgin Islands Police Department.

According to Mr. Johnston, “What I think we really need now is for David Cameron, in his capacity as the foreign secretary, to hold his counterpart in the United States, who is the secretary of state for the interior, accountable. He should demand that the governor on the island provide the family with answers that are clear and unambiguous regarding what they have done or what else could be done.” Additionally, to take into consideration the formal interview with the boyfriend in order to inquire about the events that transpired that evening. There is a conviction for domestic violence against Mr. Bane. Cori Stephenson, his ex-wife, was the victim of an assault that landed him in jail in 2011.

“While we empathise with Sarm’s family’s frustration, Ryan Bane had nothing to do with Sarm’s disappearance,” said a lawyer for Mr. Bane in a statement. “Ryan Bane was not involved in anyone’s disappearance.” Ryan is utterly devastated by the news that Sarm has vanished… Ryan was questioned and searched by the Coast Guard on two separate occasions while they were on board the sailboat. The vessel was completely accessible to them, and Ryan was able to provide answers to any questions that were put to him. A representative for the United Kingdom Foreign Office stated: “We are assisting the family of a British woman who has been reported missing in the US Virgin Islands and are in contact with the US Virgin Islands Police and the US coastguard.” Although multiple requests for comment were made, the Virgin Islands Police Department did not respond to any of them.

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