Mississippi “Goon Squad” Members Imprisoned For Abusing Two African American Men

Over the course of a two-hour experience, the two victims were held captive and handcuffed. The incident culminated with one of the victims being shot in the mouth in an attempt at a “mock execution” that was unsuccessful. In a pair of consecutive procedures that took place on Tuesday at a federal court in Jackson, Mississippi, the United States Department of Justice said that Hunter Elward, age 31, was sentenced to twenty years in prison, and Jeffrey Middleton, age 46, was given a sentence of seventeen and a half years in prison. They were two of the six officers who broke into a house in Braxton, Mississippi, without a search warrant and abused Michael Corey Jenkins and Eddie Terrell Parker with stun guns, a sex toy, and other objects. The house was located in Braxton.

The incident occurred as a result of a complaint that was filed with the sheriff’s office by a white neighbor. The neighbor stated that they had witnessed “suspicious behavior” involving two black men who were staying at the residence with a white woman. The victims were held captive and restrained with handcuffs throughout the ordeal, which lasted for two hours and culminated in Mr. Jenkins being shot in the mouth. In addition to a broken jaw, he also had a lacerated tongue. Following their entry into the residence, they placed Mr. Jenkins and his buddy Mr. Parker in handcuffs and then proceeded to pour milk, vodka, and chocolate syrup over their faces. They then made them strip naked and take a shower together in order to cover up the mess that had occurred.

Slurs of a racist nature were used to make fun of the victims, and stun guns were used to shock them. These individuals were abused with a sex toy by Christian Dedmon, who was a deputy with the sheriff’s office. In order to cover up the fact that Elward had shot Mr. Jenkins in the mouth during a “mock execution” that had gone wrong when he pulled the gun, the officers came up with his plan. According to the documents filed before the court, the cops cautioned them to “stay out of Rankin County and go back to Jackson or ‘their side’ of the Pearl River.” This was a reference to an area that had a greater number of black residents.

According to the documents that were submitted in the case, the former cops, all of whom were white, referred to themselves as “the Goon Squad” due to their readiness to use excessive force. The “heinous attack on citizens they had sworn an oath to protect” was condemned by Attorney General Merrick Garland in a statement that was released on Tuesday. District Judge Tom Lee of the United States of America referred to Elward and Middleton’s behavior as “egregious and despicable” when imposing their sentences. During the summer of 2017, Elward and Middleton, along with four other former law enforcement officers, entered guilty pleas to various felony offenses. These offenses included civil rights conspiracy, deprivation of rights under color of law, conspiracy to obstruct justice, and obstruction of justice.

On Wednesday, Daniel Opdyke, age 28, and Dedmon, age 29, are scheduled to make separate appearances before Judge Lee in order to receive their sentences. On Thursday, Brett McAlpin, who is 53 years old, and Joshua Hartfield, who is 32 years old and a former Richland police officer, are scheduled to be sentenced. As part of a bigger arrangement that also included guilty pleas to state crimes, the guilty pleas that were entered in a federal court in August were part of the agreement. However, the sentence hearing for the state case has not yet been scheduled for a date. At the same time, the defendants are required to fulfill their terms under both federal and state law.

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