After Breaking Out Of Prison, A White Supremacist And An Accomplice Were Apprehended.

They were both taken into arrest on Thursday afternoon after a car chase. Skylar Meade, the convicted man who had escaped from detention, and Nicholas Umphenour, the individual who the police say shot two Idaho prisons officers in order to break Meade out of custody, were both taken into custody. Approximately twelve hours after Meade had escaped from a hospital in Boise, the authorities were able to apprehend them, as stated by the authorities It was when Umphenour started firing at the correctional authorities who were bringing Meade back to jail that this event took place.

Another officer who was shot has serious injuries that are not considered to be life-threatening, while the condition of one of the officers who was injured is critical but stable. The other officer who was shot has serious injuries.It appears that a third jail officer was shot by a responding police officer who wrongly assumed that he was the guy who was firing the gun. This officer was injured as a result of his false belief. As a result of the discovery of Meade and Umphenour in Twin Falls, which is situated around 130 miles south-east of Boise, the police made the announcement that they were also investigating two deaths that may have been connected to the two individuals.

During the investigation, Lieutenant Colonel Sheldon Kelley of the Idaho State Police stated that shackles were found at the scene of one of the murders. He also mentioned that the suspects were found driving a Honda Civic that belonged to one of the victims. He said this was a significant discovery.Following a high-speed pursuit, Meade was found guilty of shooting at a sheriff’s sergeant and received a sentence of twenty years in prison in 2017. This conviction was handed down in 2017.

He was placed in a sort of solitary confinement since it was believed that he posed a serious risk to the security of the facility. This was the reason for his detention.According to the United States Attorney’s Office in Idaho, the Aryan Knights gang was founded in the middle of the 1990s with the objective of arranging illegal activities for its members both inside and outside of jail. This is the accusation made by the office.

Federal prosecutors referred to the group as a “hate-fueled gang” when one of the gang’s leaders was sentenced to life in prison in 2021 for a scheme to trade drugs and use violence to collect overdue debts. The goal of the plot was to collect the debts that were owed to the organization. According to what they stated, the gang is involved in a wide variety of illicit activities, and it “casts shadows of intimidation, addiction, and violence over prison life for inmates.”



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